Life is a funny thing…

If you had told me a year ago, or even 6 months ago that I would be living in a suburb of Phoenix at this time, I would have thought you were crazy.  Now, 7 months ago, I wouldn’t have.

In February I was happier than I’d been in my entire life and had finally made the decision that yes, I would happily move when my lease was up in May to be with the man that I was madly in love with.  Little did I know that that story would come to a crashing end as soon as I made that decision.  So on to Plan B of what to do with my life.

You see, I had never expected to find myself a single mom after 12 years of marriage, but I am, and quite happily.  But at that moment, I was not happy with my life as I was soon to be divorced, but my ex-husband was not only still living with us, but unemployed so it seemed as if there was no end in site.  So I decided to go back to Plan A and just revise it.  I would no longer be moving to move in with someone that I loved, but to make a life change for my son and I.  Something needed to change, and it had to be drastic.  I was tired of living a life where I could barely pay the bills and was supporting the soon to be ex-husband.  So I started researching Phoenix suburbs to figure out if there was somewhere I wanted to move to.  I always kept coming back to the Queen Creek/San Tan Valley area even though I wanted so badly to like somewhere else.

My son and I have been living here since June, and while it is certainly difficult to be a single mom with no family nearby and no close friends to fall back on, especially since I work from home and homeschool, we’re both happy.  I can give my son back a part of what we lost by moving out west from the east coast, but don’t have to compromise my health or happiness by going back to the cold and humidity of the east.  I love the SouthWest and can’t really see myself ever living in another part of the country again.

We’re looking forward to picking our own apples at the farm down the road, going on hayrides again and picking out our own fresh pumpkins.  They even have hayrides during the winter to feed the deer!

While many questioned my motives for where I was moving to, and some probably still do, I know that it was the right decision for my son and I and wouldn’t change it for anything.

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