Our Road Trip to Moore, OK

Last weekend, the new Mrs. US Universal 2014 Amanda Grad and myself took a road trip to Moore, OK to deliver the bears that our pageant sisters had collected.  While we were there we were given a tour of some of the areas hit by the tornadoes, stopped by and donated to a pet adoption event for displaced animals and had an incredible brainstorming session about how we could help with the upcoming event on July 25th, which I talk about here.  The biggest message that we wanted to convey through all of this is that even though the media is no longer there, that does not mean that Moore and the other affected cities do not need our help.  The problem is still VERY real, and there is a very long road ahead for these families and communities to rebuild and get back to “normal.”  After viewing these photos, I hope that you will take a moment to read my post about how everyone can help out by contributing to the event on July 25th.

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